Bollyrobics is fusion of Bollywood style dance and aerobics.

Whether you are a serious dancer or someone looking for fun, a child or a child at heart, we've got it all. This will be the last time you say you have "2 left feet" or "I am not flexible". When we say "seek the dancer in you", we mean there is a dancer in all of us just waiting to be unleashed. So, let's get started right here..right now! Requirements: You have to love Bollywood music...from folk balle balle to modern/fusion songs from 70s to AR Rehman with a mixture of Aerobics for your fitness ofcourse!

This jam-packed session is perfect anyone looking to burn calories, get fit and sweat! Each week you target a different muscle group with your own fitness goal in mind and work away at a beautiful new YOU! All this only on Bollywood music!